Web-conference: Dive Medicine Support in Quebec

We are proud to welcome the well-know medical dive researcher Dr. Neal Pollock for a conference.

Date: July 28th, 19h-21h

To inscribe please send an email with your name to: karin@plongeecapitale.com
If you are a FQAS mandataire (Divemasters and Instructors only) and would like the formation to be valid for 2 hours of education please include your FQAS member number.

Le thème de la soirée sera:

Dive Medicine Support in Quebec

Quebec offers some of the most extreme diving in Canada, including a wide range of environments, conditions, and challenges. The Centre de médicine de plongée du Québec call centre was established in 2004 to provide assistance to divers. This presentation will contrast Quebec diving with that elsewhere in Canada, and review the experience and efforts of the CMPQ.

Please note: Slides will be in both French and English, with the oral presentation in English.


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