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Gift ideas

You have this passionate diver around you and you would like to make him this thoughtful present he or she will really enjoy? We have some suggestions for you:


Divers are adventurers that love to explore new topics. If you give a buoyancy course to a beginner or an ice diving course to an advanced diver, there are so many options, we help you to choose the right one for adventurer.

Having fun

Your friend doesn’t stop talking about diving even now that the lakes are frozen? Let him forget the cold outside with a membership to our winter club so he can stay in training, learn new things and make bubbles all through our winter season.

Staying safe

We want to protect what we love so you want to make sure your loved one has the tools to stay safe underwater. It starts with one of the most important pieces of gear, a dive computer. But even little things like that buoy you bring on your trip to the south can safe your life. Or you want to make sure he has the right regulator for our northern temperatures? We have the right present for all budgets.

Gift card

You are not sure what to give? No problem, give a gift card and let your adventurer do the choosing.


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