Why start to dive

You are a lover of nature and the outdoors?

You haven’t seen the half of it! The underwater world is full of life, colours and surprises. The biodiversity is mesmerising.

You love traveling and adventures?

Get the most out of your journeys, discover, explore – your Open Water Diver certification is valid around the world!
And for the ones that travel less far: Quebec and Ontario are holding a multitude of stunning surprises for you.

You are looking for an activity that lets you escape from every day stress?

Contrary to general belief, diving is not an extreme sport but an activity that is centered around breathing. Submerge and leave the surface behind.

Still not convinced?

Give us a call and chat with our friendly staff to answer all of your questions. We also offer try out dives at the pool!

Comme and join our beautiful community!

  • Feel a warm welcome by our passionate instructors. They have your security and well being at heart and will introduce you gently to this new experience.

  • We believe that small groups and individual service are the key points of our teaching philosophy.

  • We are flexible to accommodate your schedule. We offer many course dates through out the year, evening courses and weekend courses.

  • If no date fits your needs we even offer private courses. Or if you are uncertain and would simply like to have an instructor all to yourself… just call us to organise a schedule for you.

Become a diver in just 3 steps:

Step 1

Step 2
Pool training

Step 3

Sit down comfortably at your home, the bus, your cabin and learn join an interactive online course that is fun and easy to do.

In the security of a pool environment you will learn all the necessary skills to become an independent diver.

Last step – finally some real diving fun!
4 dives during a weekend set the final preparation for your new hobby.

But all starts by signing up for the next course:


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