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Free theory: peak performance buoyancy

Good buoyancy is one of the most basic essentials in diving. It increases your safety, reduces your air consumption and protects the environment. Proper buoyancy is the key to total comfort underwater. We strongly believe that the Peak Performance Buoyancy course is one of the most beneficial courses in your life as a diver and that anybody can greatly profit from it no matter his level of certification. To show you just how important we find it, we invite you to follow the theory class of this course for free! If you like it - and we are sure you will - you can sign up for the complete course. We have different dates for the practical portion of the course available throughout the summer. To sign up for the free theory please send us an email with your name, certification number and phone number: Spaces are [...]

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Black Friday 2019

Are you tired of Black Friday special prices that you can find all year round? Come and see us from November 27-30 for the real deal! At Plongée Capitale we offer you 5 real deals that will make a big difference on your dive budget: 1. 20-50% off all BCDs in stock. 2. 40% all Sharkskin and Lavacore suits in stock 3. Save 400$ - receive a free wireless transmitter (tank pod) when buying certain models of Suunto computers. 4. We'll do the work on the 2 first annual services for free if you buy a complete regulator set. 5. Our class room will be filled with closeout items, 2018 models and demonstrator items. Find your deal and get 30-50% off original price. Certainly you won't waste your time with a visit. We offer shipping if wish to order by phone. Certain restrictions apply. Offers valid only from November 27-30, 2019.

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Winter dive club

Beat the winter and join the dive club! While the summer dive season is coming to an end we divers are far from giving up our passion over the long winter months. We want to stay active and progress. We want to stay fit and blow bubbles. Check out the exciting new program for this winter's dive club. Learning new skills and staying in training are just some of the many reasons to join the club. You will meet other divers, perfect your buoyancy and most of all: you will have fun! Don’t miss out - be part of the family! Club Program 2020: Buoyancy night - float and play (18 nov. - evening) Experience HSA - diving with physical disabilities (2 déc. - evening) Skills in the dark and discussion with Dr. Neal Polllock (20 jan. - evening) Plongée Capitale Challange (3 fév. - evening) Be prepared - Rescue [...]

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Conference: the wreck of Ontario

Simon will present some of the most popular wrecks of the Ontario area and give general information about our trip during the “Fête du travail” beginning of September. If you have any questions about the wreck course, this is a good occasion to get answers. Come and join us at the shop on July 9th at 19h. The conference is free but please confirm your presence so we can prepare enough chairs: 418-847-1105

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The big sale 2019

It’s this time of the year where you can get the best deals on gear and courses. Come visit us from Mai 2 - 6 and take advantage of the many offers.Shop for 500$ or more on Thursday or Friday during the BIG SALE and we give you one of our popular dive shirts “Proud of my city” for free (until stock lasts).So here some of our best offers for the event:PROMO dive computer Zoop Novo270$ instead of 399.95$ - and even better:  the first 10 to buy this computer will receive a transport bag for it !!!PROMO bring your GANG!!If you sign up for an Open Water course at regular price you can bring 8 friends for a free Scuba try out!PROMO Drysuit HDC TechNever seen before! This is the best promotion on a drysuit since the opening of the shop 28 years ago: 46% discount on a high [...]

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TECH Refresh

It’s getting warm, the ice is melting,… are you ready to start the diving season? Accept for the occasional vacation down south and the annual ice diving event, divers don’t get enough practise over the long winter months. In consequence our basic skills are rusty and we aren’t as safe as we should be and don’t feel as comfortable under water as we could feel. This is especially true for technical divers because they have more equipment to manage. To start off well, come and practise the basic skills with us in the pool and set your mind in dive mode. Requirements: minimum intro to TECH certification. All configurations welcome: double tank, sidemount or CCR Date: Mai 6th, 19h-22h Cost: 35$ Inscription obligatory - call us at 418-847 1105

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