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The BARE Trilam drysuit

When it comes to underwater adventures, having the right equipment can make all the difference. One of the most important pieces of gear for Quebec divers is the drysuit. Our most popular model by far is the BARE TRILAM. It stands out as a top choice for those seeking comfort, durability, and performance without breaking the bank. We would like to give you an overview of why we believe it's a suitable choice for many recreational divers. Balanced material The BARE Trilam drysuit is designed with the diver's comfort in mind. Its unique trilaminate material is durable and high-quality while still being lightweight enough to ensure freedom of movement. Its flexibility far exceeds that of a neoprene suit. Compared to the more expensive Expedition HD suit, it may be less rugged, but undoubtedly durable enough for most recreational uses [...]

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Why start to dive

You are a lover of nature and the outdoors? You haven't seen the half of it! The underwater world is full of life, colours and surprises. The biodiversity is mesmerising. You love traveling and adventures? Get the most out of your journeys, discover, explore - your Open Water Diver certification is valid around the world! And for the ones that travel less far: Quebec and Ontario are holding a multitude of stunning surprises for you. You are looking for an activity that lets you escape from every day stress? Contrary to general belief, diving is not an extreme sport but an activity that is centered around breathing. Submerge and leave the surface behind. Still not convinced? Give us a call and chat with our friendly staff to answer all of your [...]

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Gift ideas

You have this passionate diver around you and you would like to make him this thoughtful present he or she will really enjoy? We have some suggestions for you: Learning Divers are adventurers that love to explore new topics. If you give a buoyancy course to a beginner or an ice diving course to an advanced diver, there are so many options, we help you to choose the right one for adventurer. Having fun Your friend doesn't stop talking about diving even now that the lakes are frozen? Let him forget the cold outside with a membership to our winter club so he can stay in training, learn new things and make bubbles all through our winter season. Staying safe We want to [...]

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The club is back – in double format!

This winter we have doubled up! We offer ou regular Winter Club for all enthusiasts of recreational diving and an Advanced Club for the TECH oriented diver and advanced divers. WINTER CLUB Meet new dive buddies and get really comfortable underwater. Our instructors help you to inscrease your skill level and get you ready for you dive trip and our next summer season. Start: January19, every 2 weeks Last session: May 11 Place: centre sportif du CEGEP Garneau Meeting time: 20h, class E-1680 Pool practice: 21h-22h15 290$ INSCRIBE ADVANCED CLUB You are already a tech diver or want to become one? You are an advanced diver and want to perfect your skills? This club is just right for you. No technical gear needed. You can participate in standard single tank configuration Dates: 24.1., [...]

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Why should I be a Divemaster?

Everybody knows: the helpful guide on your holiday dive trip is a Divemaster. Not many know that the Divemaster course might just be the right thing for themselves, even if they have no plans of eluding to the south in pursuit of a job in diving. Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions: Can I do something to prevent accidents? Do I still remember all the basic skills from my first course? What exactly happens to our body under pressure? How can I be a good role model at the dive site? The Divemaster course will answer all of these questions.  PERSONAL DIVE SKILLS The Open Water course is the only course where you have practiced the basic skills like air sharing, adjusting lost gear underwater, mask skills,… but just once and at a [...]

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Winter Club 2022

After a pandemic pause the Winter Club is back!  What is the Winter Club? It's having diving fun in the middle of winter! It's sharing your passion with other passionate divers It's preparation for your dive trip and the next diving season.The Club offers 9 pool sessions. Each evening you can discover a new topic in the classroom and then get to try it out in the pool together with our instructors.  Here a little preview: Buoyance games Finning techniques Rescue session Gear try out And of course a Refresh before the start of the next outdoor diving season You can choose to follow the class for each evening or to practice on your own. Details: Start: January 17, every 2 weeks, 9 session total Last session: May 9 At: CEGEP Garneau Meeting time in classroom: 20h Pool practice: 21h-22h15 Price: 215$ Special for [...]

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Black Friday 2021

Black Friday at Plongée Capitale: November 25-27 Double profit: Many provides have announced a significant augmentation in gear prices so you'll save double if you profit from the discounts on 2021 prices during our Black Friday sale! Promo "Ménage ": bring your old regulator or BCD and receive a 20% discount on new Zeagle gear! Promo "We care": 50% on “Reef Safe” sun cream Promo "Lightning ": 20% on all dive lights in stock Promo "South ": free Akona Globetrotter bag with a wetsuit and computer combo Promo "Good start ": 20% on starter kits fins - boots - mask - snorkel Black Friday is also the start of our big drysuit promo "Stay dry - stay comfy ": when you buy a drysuit receive hood + dry glove system or hood + canvas boots for free!

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The choice is yours!

Plongée Capitale invites you once more to a video conference with the well-know medical dive researcher Dr. Neal W. Pollock. We are counting on your participation to choose the topic of the evening. Checklists are Not Enough Checklists, when used effectively, can play an important role in ensuring that protocols, often complex, are followed as intended. There is value in promoting checklist use, but they are just one of the tools divers should employ to optimize safety and performance. This presentation will consider when checklists may be most useful, and when and how they may not be enough. Diving in Canada and Diving Fatalities in Quebec Canada has 202,080 km of coastline, the longest of any country in the world. Diving is employed throughout much of it, and while generally conducted safety, minor through fatal incidents are a reality. Quebec is the largest province in [...]

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Web-conference: Dive Medicine Support in Quebec

We are proud to welcome the well-know medical dive researcher Dr. Neal Pollock for a conference. Date: July 28th, 19h-21h To inscribe please send an email with your name to: If you are a FQAS mandataire (Divemasters and Instructors only) and would like the formation to be valid for 2 hours of education please include your FQAS member number. Dive Medicine Support in Quebec Quebec offers some of the most extreme diving in Canada, including a wide range of environments, conditions, and challenges. The Centre de médicine de plongée du Québec call centre was established in 2004 to provide assistance to divers. This presentation will contrast Quebec diving with that elsewhere in Canada, and review the experience and efforts of the CMPQ. Please note: Slides will be in both French and English, with the oral presentation in English. [...]

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Happy Father’s Day! 

To all the diver dads out there, Happy Father’s Day! Whether you’re a committed cold-water diver or a salty sea-dog of the tropics, at some point, you probably played with your dad in the water. It’s well known that familial ties are strengthened through outdoor recreation, and exploring the planet’s waters can be a particularly potent way to develop the bond between father and child. That’s why, on this Father's Day, we wanted to give a hearty shoutout to all the dads out there introducing their kids to the water. Whether in a lake, river, creek or ocean, aquatic sports promote a lifelong curiosity for exploration and thirst for adventure. We believe that every childhood is enriched by opportunities to play in the water, and we’re committed to developing gear that promotes these healthy and positive family experiences across the generations. The funny thing is: most dads are hard [...]

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